Moon and Bike is an instrumental music project based in Portland, Oregon. Blazing their own sonic path, they interweave acoustic and electric guitars with drums in ways that touch on many different genres of music. With a focus on strong melodies, their songs are composed in a pop/rock framework, but at times wander off into post-rock, fusion, and ambient territory, with improvisational moments and added guitar textures to create bigger soundscapes. Their sound has been described as some type of amalgam of Explosions in the Sky, North Americans, and Bill Frisell.

Michael and Boone began as a duo, recording their first ten songs in 2020, which resulted in the album One. The third track on the album, Moon and Bike, was the first song they ever composed together when they met years ago in Eugene, OR, and became the first song recorded for One. They adopted the song name, a play on each of their first names, as a moniker for the musical collaboration. 

In 2021, John Gannon joined them on drums, and helped create a more dynamic project, both in the studio and for live shows. His years of experience and his jovial, Philadelphia, PA spirit, has been a great addition to the sound they've created. Their first album recorded as a trio has been completed, and they are preparing for its release in the very near future...


Michael Swanson: Electric Guitar

Boone Johnson: Acoustic Guitar

John Gannon: Drums


{For inquiries about music licensing or original compositions for a project, please send a note here or email Moon and Bike.